Dr. Patrick BritzDr. Patrick Britz

→ Background:
In 2005, Patrick earned his diploma in Psychology at the University Trier (Germany) and started his PhD on combining EEG and fMRI. Patrick joined Brain Products in June 2008 and shortly after was sent to the United States to work for Brain Vision LLC. From starting out as Scientific Consultant, Patrick soon took over responsibilities as Sales Manager and thereupon acted as Vice President. In 2012, Patrick was promoted to President of Brain Vision LLC. While working for Brain Vision LLC, he once again returned to academia to finish his PhD in Biopsychology in February 2014. Patrick returned to Germany in October 2014 to contribute his valuable knowledge as Director of Marketing at Brain Products. In parallel he still serves as the President of the US distributor Brain Vision LLC and the founder and President of Brain Vision Solutions Inc. in Canada.

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Judy Cini
Chief Operating Officer

→ Background:
Judy primarily works for our US sister company Brain Vision LLC. In parallel, she helps with the overall operation of Brain Vision Solutions in her position as Chief Operating Officer.

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Morgan JohnsonMorgan Johnson
Scientific Consultant

→ Background:
Morgan is a neuroscientist and science communicator with a passion for neuroimaging and neurolinguistics. She was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS) and graduated with a BSc in Neuroscience from  Dalhousie University (NS, Canada) in 2015. Prior to BV Solutions, she worked in the NeuroCognitive Imaging Lab at Dalhousie University as a researcher and lab manager for nearly five years. Her research has focused primarily on the N400, both using EEG and MEG. At BV Solutions, here in Montreal, she is assisting you as a Scientific Consultant in your everyday research needs.

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