Product launch: Hydrogel Headset

Minimally invasive, quick to apply and comfortable: The Hydrogel Headset is now available.

Brain Products is introducing a brand new product that is based on new solid gel electrode technology: the Hydrogel Headset.

This new headset comes with 6 EEG recording positions on the forehead orienting on the 10/20 system (Fpz, AF7, AF8, Fz, F3, F4) it also comes with 2 bipolar inputs that can be used for e.g. ECG recording or any Sensor with bipolar output e.g. respiratory flow or respiratory movement.

The Hydrogel Headset can be considered as an ideal solution for researchers that are particularly interested in mobile recording of frontal EEG activity, combined with other parameters such as ECG and for example a respiration sensor. It comes with unmatched speed of application, lowest inter subject preparation time combined with high hygiene standards and a one size fits all concept.

The Hydrogel Headset is compatible with the LiveAmp.

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