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BCI+ solutions by Brain Products | Brain Vision Solutions

BCI+ solutions by Brain Products

Brain Products created a new website to show all our solutions for the BCI+ field in one place.

On, Brain Products provides a framework of hard- and software to enable high impact research using brain-computer interface technology. This framework can be used in classical brain-computer interface research but also for Neuroadaptive Technology, Neuroergonomics, Physiological Computing, Symbiotic Interaction and more. These fields are not mutually exclusive, but rather intersect methodologically and are referred to as “BCI+”.

Brain Products offers a wide range of EEG amplifiers and electrode systems to provide solutions for nearly every research scenario. We cover the full spectrum of your measurement needs, from gold-standard lab recordings with active gel-based electrodes to a fully mobile and wireless active-dry electrode recording. Even better than that: most of our hardware lineup is inter-compatible. You can effortlessly switch between dry, gel-based, or salt-water based electrodes with passive or active electrode technology.

Take a look at to see what solutions we can offer for BCI+ needs. Here, you can also see a few of the applications of our solutions, including our ultra-fast closed loop solution and M(eye)ndtris: a hands-free, multimodal tetris clone using eye tracking and passive BCI for intuitive neuroadaptive gaming.