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Product launch: LiveAmp 64 | Brain Vision Solutions

Product launch: LiveAmp 64

A high density wireless EEG solution that is capable of outstanding data quality. The 64-channel LiveAmp is now available.

Brain Products is introducing a new version of Brain Products’¬†LiveAmp¬†mobile amplifier to enable EEG research that works with a high number of electrodes. The LiveAmp 64 enables high-quality wireless recording of 64 channels.

This system can be used with a wide range of innovative electrode technologies and sensors. In addition, there is an easy upgrade path all the way from 8 to 64 channels.

The 64-channel version of LiveAmp comes as an upgrade of a LiveAmp 32-channel amplifier. It combines two LiveAmp 32-channel amplifiers, which are interconnected through the cap connector. LiveAmp 64, as all members of the LiveAmp amplifier family, is compatible with Brain Products active and passive electrode systems.

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