Product launch: LiveAmp 8 and 16

Compact, flexible, wireless, and capable of outstanding data quality. The 8- and 16-channel LiveAmps are now available.

Brain Products is introducing two new versions of Brain Products’ LiveAmp mobile amplifier to enable EEG research that works with a low number of electrodes. The LiveAmp 8 and the LiveAmp 16 enable high-quality wireless recording of 8 and 16 channels, respectively.

When the LiveAmp was first  released in October 2015, it set new standards for high-quality wireless EEG recording. With a weight of less than 60 grams (including battery!) and a compact size of 80mm x 50mm x 10mm this 32-channel amplifier quickly became the go-to solution for mobile EEG applications.

To read more about the new LiveAmp 8 and LiveAmp 16, click here.